Yoga Retreats and Mastering of the Mind

”Stop trying – surrender. Go out into the garden and just sit there and still your mind and watch what happens. Why wont you just let it be?”

Favourite movie – even better book. Holds a lot of wisdom, laughter and love.

Novembers beautiful retreat in the Andalucian mountains came to an end (way too quickly) and after soaking up the Spanish sun and some vitamin D I’m now back in Varberg, ready to plan what’s next.

From the beginning of 2018 you will find me at Asia Spa, holding a class every now and then, and at Actic Friskvågen sharing classes on a weekly basis. I will also do some workshops that are not yet set. I will start planning another retreat for next year (yaay I know!) so stay tuned here and on my Facebook page for updates!

From March I will also start offering Coaching Sessions – so if you feel stuck, a bit lost, need a boost with life goals, values or dreams – contact me and I can help you reconnect with your inner power! ”Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” ☀️ 

Hug your loved ones, hug yourself and say Thank you for all the blessings and possibilities coming your way 🙏 Down below you can see some of the retreat bliss.

Jennie ♥


Publicerad av Jennie

Yoga Teacher, traveller and lover of nature. The meaning of life is to live your purpose and discover yourself on the way.


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