How to Start Every Morning Feeling Motivated and Energized

Are you like me? Forcing yourself out of bed and having a hard time finding the motivation to ”seize the day”?

I have never been an early bird. Actually mornings are my hardest and most challenging parts of the day. When I have a steady routine, getting up at the same time every morning (because I have to), it´s way easier. But when I don´t have to get up to go somewhere I snooze for at least 30 minutes and the energy is very low. And when I do get up I want to spend the first hours in silence, preferably without any disturbance or social interaction with the world. My morning mood is not the brightest which means that my mindset is less positive. Motivation and energy doesnt show up naturally for me so I need to make it happen myself.

So my absolute favourite ways to get my mood and energy level up in the mornings is to:
1. List things I´m grateful for
2. Give myself a peptalk
3. Having a slow breakfast
4. Taking a walk in nature
5. Getting on my Yoga mat and move
6. Drinking tea
7. Morning Meditation

Guided morning meditations have an amazing effect and you can find them very easily on youtube. Below I share with you my favourite ones for the moment. And all you need is about 10 minutes, headphones and a quiet place to sit or lay down on. And yes, it is totally okay to do it all from bed (yaay)!






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Yoga Teacher, traveller and lover of nature. The meaning of life is to live your purpose and discover yourself on the way.


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