No Matter What – Love Yourself


No matter what, you are enough. No matter what, love yourself. No matter what, love your body. No matter what, take care of yourself. No matter what, you deserve the best. No matter what, honour yourself. No matter what, stay true to yourself.
No matter what, no matter what.

One of my favourite Yoga teachers, Jennifer Pastiloff, often use the words ”No matter what” in order to create new and powerful patterns in our minds. To love ourselves unconditionally.
As I have been saying in my earlier posts, ”what we think – we become”. And no matter how many loving people you surround yourself with your words and thoughts about yourself are vital for how you truly feel about yourself. The most important person in your life is you. The closest relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. You should be your best friend.
You need to choose your thoughts just like you´re choosing the best colour for your wall. You need to decorate your mind with the most beautiful things you know. You need to see your inner room as the most sacred place you know.
Noone but you can make you love yourself unconditionally.

So repeat. No matter what, I love myself. Repeat until it stays there like a never-ending burning light.




Publicerad av Jennie

Yoga Teacher, traveller and lover of nature. The meaning of life is to live your purpose and discover yourself on the way.


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